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Dealing with the physical effects of back pain and sciatica symptoms is difficult enough, often we need some support to handle it mentally and emotionally as well. Here are my personal choices for  back pain inspiration, relaxation and motivation which gave me mental and emotional support when I was in the throes of back pain and pinched sciatic nerve symptoms. Here are suggestions of authors I love, inspirational books and  words of inspiration. 

I have also listed e books in the section Inspirational Books, CDs and products which offer approaches to conquering the 3 big monsters of Stress, Depression and Anxiety. I have often read about the debate whether stress and depression cause back pain or whether back pain causes stress and depression...I know which way round mine occurred!  I seriously think the main thing is to tackle the Stress, Anxiety and Depression if you have it along with the physical back pain.  We are all different so I have chosen varied approaches which may suit different people, its your job to read more about them to see which you feel will suit you best.

  Listed below are products and quotes which you may find useful for relaxation, stress reduction and inspiration.  There is also the facility here to do your own search.  Enjoy :} 

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Inspirational Books, CDs and products

Inspirational quotes/words of inspiration.



Would you like to share ?   :)

Life is a journey, why walk alone with your thoughts, lets try to help each other with our positive inspiration....

It is so important when battling with back problems to reach out and find things in your life that motivate and empower you. Please feel free to send in your words of Inspiration and anything that keeps you empowered, motivated or relaxed.

What inspires you ? Who inspires you ? Does a special person, a particular place, a pet, a piece of poetry or writing, a film, a piece of music  or a back pain story inspire you?

In a book I am reading by Wayne Dyer he talks about having an "attitude of gratitude" which he practised even through his heart surgery. Is there anything you feel grateful for you would like to share?

We would love to share your empowering and inspirational thoughts on our new page

"Inspirational and encouraging personal stories about back pain"

Contact us leaving your first name,  location and details of what inspires you.

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My Pet Back Guestbook NEW!



Try out this technology which allows you to dissolve Stress by listening to the audio

Technology that allows you to synchronize your brainwaves to achieve a desired state - or feeling.

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Inspirational books, CDs and products

World of Alternatives

HUGE catalogue on everything from Meditation, Sound therapy, Self hypnosis (including Control stress, Cure insomnia, Self confidence), also Stress Management, Sleep, and Instant Meditation and many many more...

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7 Steps to a Depression Free Life

Nancy Miller is a graduate of Coach University with a background in psychology and a life coaching practice.  Moreover she has been there herself with depression and uses these experiences and research into long term recovery from depression to help you help yourself with your unique needs. She talks about crafting your  personal strategy for recovery in this 7 step process. She also provides valuable resource links for help and support. To read more about her e book and her approach to see if you think it will suit you  Click Here!


Conquering Stress - Out of the Fog and Into the Light.

No drugs, no potions, no hypnotherapy- totally natural method to help you beat the trio of Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Chris Green suffered from anxiety and depression for 5 years and having reached  rock bottom and lost everything he found a way back to happiness again which he shares in his e book. He talks about empowering you with highly effective techniques and a NO "band aid " approach. He also offers ongoing support at no extra cost. To read more about his e book and approach to see if you think it will suit you

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Wayne Dyer is known fondly by his fans as the Father of Motivation. Best selling author of inspirational and motivational books and CDs and talented speaker. Wonderful books and CDs with powerful life strategies and insights which I find very powerful and inspiring...

Inspiration.  Wayne Dyer

How to be a no limit person. Wayne Dyer

Your sacred self.  Wayne Dyer

Being in Balance. Wayne Dyer

Everyday Wisdom. Wayne Dyer 

Getting in the Gap. Wayne Dyer.

...and many more.    

  • Anthony Robbins is a best selling author, motivational  life coach and professional speaker who has written many books and produced CD/videos.


Awaken the giant within.  Anthony Robbins.

Personal power. Anthony Robbins

Get the edge. Anthony Robbins.

...and many more

  • Robin Sharma is an author of many books and expert on leadership/personal growth/self mastery.

The Monk the Surfer and the C E O. Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Robin Sharma

and many more...

  • Meditation and stress relief CD's/video etc by Dick Supthen. Best selling author of New Age books. Lots of mind programming CD's to improve your life. Amazingly powerful stress reduction programs. 



The little book of calm.   Paul Wilson

Still me. Christopher Reeve


And some words of inspiration/quotes to inspire you now...                                                                               


"Drugs are not always necessary, (but) belief in recovery always is"

(Norman Cousins as used in Awaken the giant within Anthony Robbins)

"If you don't have a plan for your life, someone else does"

 (Anthony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within)                                                                   

"Determination is the Wake up call to the human will

(Anthony Robbins Awaken the giant within)

"Take away the cause, and the effect ceases"

(Miguel De Cervantes in Anthony Robbins Awaken the giant within)

"You cant live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you "

(John Wooden)

"Learn to find the blessing in pain. Practice observing the pain rather than owning it"

(Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom)

"No one knows enough to be a pessimist"
(Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom)

"Are you part of the problem or part of the solution"

(Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom)

"our doubts are our traitors"



Also my husband.....words fail me here when I know how much he helped me and what he went through.....My advice here, if you can find one person who can give you support and truly walk with you through this it is worth all the gold and diamonds in the world.

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